From its head office at Schiphol-Rijk, PMT offers a number of specialized services at and around airports in the Netherlands and abroad. PMT has the following components:

Training: PMT Ground Crew Training Center started in 1990 with providing practical training for the air cargo industry at Schiphol. Meanwhile, with 30 years of experience, we have grown into a training company that provides aviation-related training on an international platform. Within the Netherlands, but also far beyond, we offer a wide range of training courses: in-company, in class at our own locations at Schiphol, Eindhoven and Maastricht, and via e-learning.

Advice: PMT Consultancy is the advisor regarding the safety of air freight as well as flight and airport supplies. In addition to advice, we can also act as an external security advisor for companies. In addition, PMT assists companies in the “Authorized Economic Operator” and Radiation expert trajectory for organizations that use X-ray equipment or other equipment where forms of radioactive radiation are used. Our specialists also advise on company security, storage and transport.

Security: PMT Cargo Security is a security company recognized by the Ministry of Justice. We specialize in security services at and around the airport, varying from access control at second line pilots to aircraft guarding and cabin search on the platform.

Checking air freight, packages and air mail: PMT Cargo Smartpoint is the most experienced party at Schiphol when it comes to checking air freight for third parties. Use is made of all forms of permitted equipment and aids, such as explosive detection dogs, Xray, metal detection (HHMD CMD) and air trace investigation (ETD). As the first to start this service at Schiphol, PMT continues to lead the way in applying the best method to investigate your cargo.